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We Cater to Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Corporations, and Healthcare Providers.

Explore transformative training programs offered by H2H Human to Human. We cater to government agencies, law enforcement, and corporations and healthcare providers. Utilizing the latest developments in online learning to provide engaging and interactive virtual workshops. Supported by online modules available anywhere with a web connection, as well as for offline playback. This allows you to study at your own pace and in the time you find between your busy personal and professional lives. The program modules are delivered by a team of experienced professionals and professors that have a real passion for the subjects covered and use the knowledge and skills in real-world, high-stake environments.

Deception Detection

Our behavioral training program equips participants to discern nonverbal and linguistic cues suggestive of deception. It also guides them in seamlessly integrating these observations into their existing interviewing strategies.

Strategic Interviewing

Participants in our program not only develop the skills to strategically design and conduct interviews but also learn to craft questions that elicit valuable information within a non-intrusive setting. Through hands-on exercises and personalized guidance, they refine their ability to navigate interviews effectively while maintaining a comfortable and respectful atmosphere.

Elicitation Strategies

Our specialized program is meticulously crafted to empower participants with the skills and techniques necessary for conducting nuanced interviews. By emphasizing non-coercive strategies, we ensure that information gathering is conducted ethically and effectively, while simultaneously fostering rapport and trust with interviewees.

Engaging Instructional Workshops

Over the span of two days, this immersive hands-on exercise provides participants with real-time assessments and a series of practical activities. This unique opportunity enables participants to finely tune their interviewing skills in authentic settings, allowing for practical application and immediate feedback.

Law Enforcement Training

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