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Behavioral Analysis

We utilize non-intrusive forensic interview strategies as well as linguistic analysis in order to identify areas of concern and to provide insight into the scope and gravity of potential problem areas. At H2H we can gain valuable insights into thoughts, emotions, and motivations. This may include personal interviews, covert/discrete interviews, and analysis of press releases, media, interviews, and statements on personal or social networking sites.

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Human Resources Hiring Process Optimization

Collaborating with HR departments, we work to enhance C-Suite selection and employee vetting processes. Our non-intrusive forensic interview strategies detect deceptive behavior, while our detailed behavioral and linguistic analysis utilizes personal interviews and media scrutiny to identify potential issues. Together, we develop effective strategies to gauge the suitability of candidates for specific job functions based on interview responses.

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Statement or Linguistic Analysis

Statement analysis is a powerful tool used to evaluate written or recorded statements to detect indications of deception or suspicious behavior. At H2H, our team of trained professionals specializes in language analysis and can identify patterns and discrepancies in statements that may suggest deception. Using linguistic analysis, we can uncover the underlying meaning of a statement and help you understand motivations and biases.

Combining statement analysis with other forensic techniques, such as our multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach to behavior analysis, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the veracity of a statement or communication. Trust H2H to get to the truth and protect your client, organization, school, or community.

Video Analysis Services

By utilizing our multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach to behavior analysis, H2H can give you a greater understanding of the truth and use that information to inform your litigation strategy.
Get a complete understanding of the truth behind recorded witness, plaintiff, and defendant statements, interviews, and other footage. H2H can provide a thorough and insightful analysis of verbal and nonverbal cues to help you identify inconsistencies in witness testimony.

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Coaching Program

Human Resources Hiring Process Optimization

Collaborating with HR departments, we work to enhance C-Suite selection and employee vetting processes. Our non-intrusive forensic interview strategies detect deceptive behavior, while our detailed behavioral and linguistic analysis utilizes personal interviews and media scrutiny to identify potential issues. Together, we develop effective strategies to gauge the suitability of candidates for specific job functions based on interview responses. H2H screening interviews yield an immediate insight, in real-time, into the character of individuals under consideration to better inform those who are making hiring and human capital decisions.

Trial Consulting Services

Discover how our multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach for high-stakes, real-time interpretation of behavior and predictive diagnostic for future behavior can help you make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and succeed in the courtroom.

Gain The Advantage in the Courtroom

Attorneys have an uphill battle when it comes to detecting deception and interpreting nonverbal cues in the courtroom or during depositions. Without the ability to accurately interpret body language, lawyers risk missing crucial information that can affect the outcome of a case.

  • Is the witness or client telling the truth?
  • You should verify credibility before presenting a witness.

At H2H, we offer to help you detect deception, build a stronger case, and win in court. From nonverbal analysis to statement analysis, video analysis, and witness preparation, our team has the skills and expertise to help you succeed.

Jury Selection Services

During jury selection, H2H will help you accurately identify jurors with hidden agendas and potentially dangerous jurors. We will detect nonverbal signals that attorneys often miss during the jury selection process and provide insights on selecting a favorable jury. We will help you to identify the foreperson, detect sway jurors, and determine which jurors to strike or keep based on a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach during the time compression of jury selection.


  • We support you during jury selection to assist in detecting jurors with hidden agendas.
  • We analyze written statements to uncover deception and omissions while determining motives and biases.
  • We perform in-depth video analysis to identify inconsistencies and untruths in witness testimony.
  • We provide professional witness preparation, including body language and gestures, as well as a psychological and emotional support team for your client before, during, and after a trial.

Comprehensive Police Use of Force Consulting

H2H Human to Human supports police departments with reviews of use-of-force policies and training to reduce risks and legal exposure. Our services encompass oversight of force reports, training evaluations, and strategic assistance with litigation, facilitating policy enhancements and operational improvements.

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Comprehensive Use of Force Consulting for Law Enforcement

These services are available to City/County Governments/Law Enforcement agencies, specifically municipalities and County Sheriffs and their respective HR as well as Insurance Companies that cover law enforcement agencies.

At H2H we specialize in fortifying police use of force training and policy procedures to safeguard your agency against risks and liabilities. Our seasoned team delves deep into your current practices, offering critical oversight, thorough report and video review, and insightful training evaluations.

Risk and Liability Mastery

Navigate the complexities of law enforcement leadership with our bespoke consulting services. We offer:

In-depth Use of Force Policy Reviews: Our experts meticulously evaluate your agency's use of force reports and videos, scrutinizing for potential vulnerabilities and bolstering your defense strategies.

Proactive Training Assessment: We review your training programs to ensure they align with legal standards and your organizational values, identifying areas for improvement.

Ongoing Policy Oversight: With annual reviews and updates, we keep your policies in step with evolving best practices and legal precedents, ensuring your operations remain at the forefront of risk mitigation.

Strategic Litigation Support: Benefit from our extensive expertise in police practice defense theory, enhancing your approach to complex cases and litigation challenges.

Personnel and Policy Excellence

We understand that managing personnel is a nuanced aspect of law enforcement

Personnel Practice Audits: Our audits offer actionable insights to refine your internal processes, from use of force incidents to broader human resources strategies.

Customized Training Solutions: From constitutional policing to stress management, we craft training programs tailored to every level of your organization, ensuring cohesive understanding and implementation of best practices.

Engagement and Education

Our commitment to education extends through every service we provide:

Certified Educational Credits: Our courses are recognized for continuing law enforcement education, providing your team with the knowledge to excel.

Interactive Online Learning: We employ cutting-edge learning management systems for an immersive educational experience, combining live instruction with practical, offline activities.

Explore our full range of risk management services. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to your agency's unique needs.

Use of Force Event Consulting

Our team is composed of scholars and professionals in legal and law enforcement sectors, offers unparalleled expertise in the intricate dynamics of use-of-force situations. We delve into the biopsychosocial research and principles of depth psychology to dissect the complexities of human behavior during critical force encounters.

Bespoke Review Methodology

We initiate our partnership with a no-cost preliminary discussion to gain an understanding of the incident and outline the possible psychological, physiological, and situational factors at play.

Pre-consultation Insights:

Incident briefing

Analysis of human performance, decision-making processes, and potential technology implications

Outline of our review approach and guidance on relevant testimony

Consultation Exploration:

Our consultation phase is comprehensive, encompassing:

Detailed analysis of critical human factors related to the event

Insight into perceptual, attentional, and performance impacts

Evaluation of auditory and visual evidence, including multimedia from dash cams, body cams, and surveillance systems

Strategies for presenting complex concepts in an accessible manner for courtroom settings

Recommendations for presenting human factor considerations in legal forums

Post-consultation Support:

Beyond the initial review, H2H provides extended assistance:

Suggestions for expert witness contributions to facilitate the understanding of judges and juries

Ongoing collaboration with legal counsel to discuss relevant research findings

Continuous advisory services, both before and during court proceedings, including the development of effective examination questions for experts

Our approach ensures that every facet of the force encounter is analyzed with precision, supported by the latest advancements in biopsychosocial research and depth psychology, to inform legal strategies and foster a deeper comprehension of the human elements in use-of-force cases.

To discover how our insights can assist in your case, reach out to begin a conversation with our specialists. Our commitment extends from initial consultation to courtroom strategy and beyond.

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