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Illuminating human behavior

At H2H Human to Human, our vision is, “Illuminating Human Behavior”. We unravel the intricacies of human behavior in in real-time environments. Central to our ethos is the utilization of behavioral science to accurately interpret, evaluate behavior and even reshape performance in diverse high-stakes settings. Our dedication to this approach defines our leadership in the application of behavioral science. Learn more about our team and the decades of experience and innovation they bring to the forefront of human behavior training, performance and analysis.

Founders to Members

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Capt. Bob Higginbotham, MA, (Ret.)


With over twenty-five years of experience and research in high-yield human performance, he brings a unique perspective to credibility assessment and risk analysis. He utilizes a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach, specializing in high-stakes, real-time interpretation of human behavior. He offers expertise applicable to C-Suite assessment, veracity assessment, and trial preparation, including deposition analysis and witness preparation. Drawing from diverse experiences in law enforcement he tailors courses to operational and administrative responses to critical incidents. As an owner of H2H Human to Human, he collaborates with leading social scientists to advance research in human behavior for real-world applications. He aims to improve performance across various disciplines.

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Shawn Dodson, MBA


As a founding member of H2H, Shawn leads H2H's mission in research, training, and high-stakes consultation, leveraging cutting-edge behavioral science to minimize risks of fraud, deception, and malcontent for organizations. With nearly 20 years of experience in law enforcement and criminal investigation, Shawn's expertise in understanding human behavior and communication is honed through extensive training through the streets of Real World, USA. His dedication extends to developing executives and professional staff in human behavior and leadership principles, offering unique insights that serve as game changers in public and private organizations. Additionally, Shawn serves as an instructor for H2H Human to Human, imparting his wealth of knowledge and experience to further enhance the understanding and application of behavioral science.

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