Simplifying the Complexities of How Humans Interact

Offering High-Stakes Behavioral Analysis, Communication and Credibility Analysis Thru Specialized Consulting and Training Solutions.

Simplifying the Complexities of How Humans Interact

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At H2H Human to Human, our vision is, “Illuminating Human Behavior”. We unravel the intricacies of human behavior in in real-time environments. Central to our ethos is the utilization of behavioral science to accurately interpret, evaluate behavior and even reshape performance in diverse high-stakes settings. Our dedication to this approach defines our leadership in the application of behavioral science. Learn more about our team and the decades of experience and innovation they bring to the forefront of human behavior training, performance and analysis.

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Consulting Services

Comprehensive Use of Force
Consulting for Law Enforcement At H2H we specialize in fortifying police use of force training, policy and procedures to safeguard your agency against risks and liabilities. Our seasoned team delves deep into your current practices, offering critical oversight, thorough report and video review, and insightful training evaluations.

Delivering Trusted Risk Management Solutions
At H2H we specialize in fortifying police use of force training and policy procedures to safeguard your insured against risks and liabilities. Our seasoned team provides In-depth Use of Force Policy Reviews, Proactive Training Assessment,Ongoing Policy Oversight, Strategic Litigation Support, and Pattern and Practice Audits ensuring cohesive understanding and implementation of best practices.

Human Resources Hiring Process Optimization
Collaborating with HR departments, we work to enhance C-Suite selection and employee vetting processes. Our non-intrusive forensic interview strategies detect deceptive behavior, while our detailed behavioral and linguistic analysis utilizes personal interviews and media scrutiny to identify potential issues. Together, we develop effective strategies to gauge the suitability of candidates for specific job functions based on interview responses. This should have a link to the same subset (HR Consulting on the Consulting page. Maybe a button titled 'learn more"?

Law Enforcement
Our comprehensive consulting services to police departments and to agency insurance providers include analysis of current use of force practices, policy reviews and training assessments to identify needed changes in best practices, legal developments, and/or philosophy. We provide meta-analysis of use of force events to ensure officer performance aligns with organizational philosophies and values.

Behavioral Analysis
We utilize non-intrusive forensic interview strategies as well as linguistic analysis in order to identify areas of concern and to provide insight into the scope and gravity of potential problem areas.

This may include personal interviews, covert/discrete interviews, as well as analysis of press releases, media, interviews, statements on personal or social networking sites.

Training Programs

Behavioral Analysis

H2H offers tailored training for government agencies, law enforcement, corporations, and healthcare professionals in non-intrusive information collection and interviewing methods. Our courses provide a blend of live instruction and hands-on activities for an immersive learning experience. Covering deception detection, strategic interviewing, and elicitation strategies, participants refine their skills through practical exercises and live engagement. H2H's holistic approach ensures individuals gain insights and skills to enhance effective interpretation of human behavior.

Law Enforcement

At H2H we specialize in police use of force training and use of force investigation-training to safeguard your agency against risks and liabilities. Our training methodology places focus and emphasis on officer self-management and decision-making strategies. Our training is designed specifically to mitigate unnecessary force events while empowering officers to be decisive in dynamic situations. Our use of force investigative courses incorporate the latest in learning methods, as well as the application of neuroscience and depth psychology for a thorough understanding of human performance issues during stressful encounters.

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